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The days are getting darker, and God has called every man, woman, and child to be on guard, stand firm in the faith, and occupy until Jesus Christ returns. The war against the things of God is on, and it’s time to fight like heaven and kick hell out!

There are seven mountains of influence that control the world around us: Religion, economy/business, health/medicine, media/entertainment, government/politics, education, and family. Popular speaker, life coach, pastor, businesswoman, television host of Drenda, YouTube host of the Drenda on Guard channel, and bestselling author Drenda Keesee has recently been leading the charge to take on these mountains and to empower believers to fight with her.

In her powerful, best-selling book, Fight Like Heaven! A Cultural Guide to Living on Guard, Drenda uncovers and exposes the enemy’s last days’ agenda and ongoing attempts to ensnare, enslave, impoverish, and destroy humankind.

Fight Like Heaven! not only reveals the schemes that empower institutions and ensnare people but is also full of strategies, Scriptures, and wise counsel to equip God’s people to engage in the war against darkness and take back the mountains of influence for the Kingdom of God!

This A CALL TO ARMS: Your Quick Start to Fight Like Heaven! guide is designed to supplement and enhance your study of Fight Like Heaven! Here, you will find:

  • Spiritual warfare basics 
  • An abbreviated overview of what’s happening in our culture
  • A brief teaching on each of the seven mountains of influence
  • Specific instructions for spiritual warfare and intercession over these areas
  • Recommendations for personal strategies you can take to tangibly impact these spheres for the Kingdom of God
  • And more!

Get started now!

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