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Being a parent is the most important job you can ever have. It supersedes any other role or responsibility you will ever have. As a parent, you set the standard for what your children will become.

Are you making sure you're following God's plan for your family?

Do you even know what that plan is?

In this 5CD teaching, learn from Gary and Drenda Keesee, and family expert Dr. Diana Morgan:

  • How what you model in the home is critical
  • How to discover God's plan for your family
  • How family problems bring God's plan to a screeching halt
  • How a strong, biblically grounded family is what defies a dark culture, and shines the light in it

Plus, learn how to effectively discipline and communicate, important tips for a strong marriage, and more!

Fixing the Family Thing 5-CD Set
2010 Conference

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