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How can you tell the difference between God’s voice and your own?

That’s one of the biggest questions people have.

But you can know the difference between His voice and your own thoughts.

You can clearly hear from Him.

You can, and you must.

God wants to help you. He wants you to trust Him with your questions and with your problems.

He wants you to walk in His power. He wants to turn negative situations in your life around. He wants to equip you to accomplish the things He’s called you to do. He wants to lead you by His Spirit.

But you HAVE to know His voice.

Join Drenda Keesee for this incredibly honest and personal message full of powerful wisdom and encouragement, and discover:

  • How you might be blocking yourself from hearing God’s voice.
  • How you can prepare your heart to hear from God.
  • How the enemy will try to trick you and lure you into agreement with his words instead of God’s Word.
  • How you can be sure you’re not listening to the wrong voices in your life.
  • How you can clearly distinguish God’s voice, obey what He says to do, and be in His perfect will for your life.

God has a divine appointment for you.
He wants to do amazing things in you and through you.

You can have His wisdom and guidance in every area of your life.

You can hear His voice.

Hearing God's Voice CD - Drenda Keesee

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